Guatemala Human Rights Commission/ USA
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Delegation Reports

Delegation Report: Verification on the Status of Mining Activities in El Estor – February 2022

GHRC Emergency Delegation Report 2022” – Report Back from GHRC’s 2022 Emergency Human Rights Delegation to Guatemala 

Corruption and Human Rights Violations

Chapin Abajo Report Back FinalDecember 2022 

Under Assault in Guatemala: Journalists & Indigenous & Human Rights Activists (Joint Report with WOLA, LAWG, and GHRC), October 2022

Guatemala’s Downward Spiral (Joint Report with WOLA, LAWG, and GHRC), October 2022

When the Dominoes Fall: Co-optation of the Justice System in Guatemala (Joint Report with WOLA, LAWG, and GHRC), October 2022

Violence, Corruption & Impunity in the Honduran Energy Industry: A Profile of Roberto David Castillo Mejia,” 2019

Land Rights

The Peaceful Environmental Justice Movement at La Puya: Violence, Repression and Resistance at the El Tambor gold mine in Guatemala, November 2014

El Movimiento Pacífico de Justicia Ambiental, ‘La Puya’: Violencia, Represión y Resistencia en la Mina de Oro El Tambor en Guatemala, noviembre de 2014


Conditions Facing Guatemalans Deported from the US: Concerns and Recommendations for a Rights-Based Approach, October 2014


Rethinking the Drug War in Central America and Mexico, November 2013


DR-CAFTA in Year One, September 2006

DR-CAFTA in Year Two: Trends and Impacts/Dos años del TLC: Tendencias e impactos, September 2007/septiembre 2007

DR-CAFTA in Year Three: Effects and Alternatives/Tres años del TLC: Efectos y alternativos, 2008


Guatemala’s Femicide Law, Progress Against Impunity, May 2009

Three Thousand and Counting: A Report on Violence Against Women in Guatemala, 2007

Human Rights Defenders

Who Will Defend the Defenders? Criminalization of Human Rights Defenders and Chronic Impunity in Guatemala, December 2008