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Delegation Reports

GHRC Emergency Delegation Report 2022” – Report Back from GHRC’s 2022 Emergency Human Rights Delegation to Guatemala 

Corruption and Human Rights Violations

In 2019, GHRC as part of a group of expert human rights organizations closely monitoring the Berta Cáceres case in Honduras released a ground-breaking report: “Violence, Corruption & Impunity in the Honduran Energy Industry: A Profile of Roberto David Castillo Mejia.”

The carefully researched report brings together information that implicates Castillo, the CEO of the Desarrollos Energéticos S.A. (DESA) corporation, in a pattern of violence, human rights violations and corruption to benefit companies with which he was associated. Castillo has been involved with at least eight companies, registered in Honduras and Panama, which are described in the report.

The report highlights the precarious situation of human rights in Honduras and shows how concessions to exploit natural resources–especially when they are made to companies with connections to dangerous criminal networks–often profoundly and negatively impact surrounding communities. This often leads to conflicts that put community human rights defenders at extreme risk.

The Profile of David Castillo urges the international community to call on the Honduran government to protect human rights defenders, fight corruption and impunity, and prevent the participation of state actors in human rights violations. It also sets out a series of recommendations regarding international development financing.

Land Rights

The Peaceful Environmental Justice Movement at La Puya: Violence, Repression and Resistance at the El Tambor gold mine in Guatemala, November 2014

El Movimiento Pacífico de Justicia Ambiental, ‘La Puya’: Violencia, Represión y Resistencia en la Mina de Oro El Tambor en Guatemala, noviembre de 2014


Conditions Facing Guatemalans Deported from the US: Concerns and Recommendations for a Rights-Based Approach, October 2014


Rethinking the Drug War in Central America and Mexico, November 2013


DR-CAFTA in Year One, September 2006

DR-CAFTA in Year Two: Trends and Impacts/Dos años del TLC: Tendencias e impactos, September 2007/septiembre 2007

DR-CAFTA in Year Three: Effects and Alternatives/Tres años del TLC: Efectos y alternativos, 2008


Guatemala’s Femicide Law, Progress Against Impunity, May 2009

Three Thousand and Counting: A Report on Violence Against Women in Guatemala, 2007

Human Rights Defenders

Who Will Defend the Defenders? Criminalization of Human Rights Defenders and Chronic Impunity in Guatemala, December 2008