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Fall 2014 Speaker’s Tour: Miriam Pixtún
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Fall 2014 Speaker’s Tour: Miriam Pixtún

Reclaiming Our Rights and Our Dignity: The Struggles of Maya Kaqchikel and Mestizo Communities in Guatemala

From November 4-14, GHRC will accompany Miriam Pixtún on a tour in the Midwest of the US.

In September of 2013, the town of Nacahuil — a Maya Kaqchikel community located about one hour from Guatemala City — suffered a horrific attack. Unknown gunmen sprayed bullets across the town’s main street, then viciously hunted people down; 11 people were killed and 15 more were injured, including two young girls. Nacahuil is one of many Guatemalan communities active in resisting the encroachment of mines, dams, and other mega-development projects onto its territory. Some residents believe that the attack was an attempt to break the community’s resistance to these projects; various witnesses also allege that the police were involved.

Miriam Pixtún Monroy is a resident of Nacahuil, has extensive experience in community outreach and has been involved in movements for indigenous rights and autonomy. She, along with other members of Nacahuil, has also been very active in the anti-mine blockade known as ‘La Puya.’

Miriam will be coming to the US Midwest in November to talk about the roots and goals of community resistance to mega development projects and to describe the Guatemalan government’s overwhelming lack of respect for indigenous rights. GHRC will accompany Miriam providing interpretation and background information. Times and locations will be available here as they become available.

Schedule of Events

November 4 Chicago, IL Dominican University, Parmer Hall 113
2:20 – 3:20 PM
November 5 Chicago, IL Glencoe Union Church
7 PM
November 10 Milwaukee, WI Presentation with Mike Wiggins of the
Bad River Band of Lake Superior Chippewa
7:30 PM
November 12 Silver City, NV Silver City Community Center
7 PM
November 13 Reno, NV Mining for the Truth in Nevada and Guatemala:
A Community Conversation, McKinley Arts and Culture Center
925 Riverside Drive
5 – 8 PM
November 14 Las Vegas, NV Event locations and times TBA