Guatemala Human Rights Commission/ USA
Our Work
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Our Work

The Guatemala Human Rights Commission/USA (GHRC) is a nonprofit, grassroots, solidarity organization dedicated to promoting human rights in Guatemala and supporting Guatemalan communities and human rights defenders who face threats and violence. GHRC documents and denounces abuses, educates the international community, and advocates for policies that foster peace and justice.

  • Direct support for Human Rights Defenders
    • GHRC provides direct support for human rights defenders through urgent actions, direct advocacy, and emergency financial support through our Human Rights Defender Fund.
  • Thematic areas of focus and analysis
    • Militarization
    • Women´s Rights
    • Access to Land and Natural Resources
    • Truth, Justice and Historic Memory
    • Criminalization and Impunity
  • Events
    • We host and plan events in the DC area and throughout the country to help raise awareness about human rights and provide a voice for fellow activists.
  • Press Room
    • In order to expand the scope of our work, GHRC releases information to the press and collaborates with external media outlets. Our In the News section provides an overview of news coverage of our work, while our Press Room contains information of interest to the national and international media.
  • Urgent Actions
    • In times of pressing and urgent human rights situations in Guatemala, we frequently reach out to our broad network of supporters to raise awareness and call for action.
  • Delegations
    • GHRC leads occasional delegations to Guatemala to raise awareness about current issues affecting Guatemalan communities.  These immersion experiences provide participants with the opportunity to meet with inspiring organizations, activists and community leaders.
  • Publications
    • As part of our advocacy efforts, GHRC disseminates research and information through a variety of publications. See our Resources section.