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A Glance at Past Work
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A Glance at Past Work

Post-Conflict Cases 

GHRC documents and denounces incidents of violence, cases of criminalization of human rights defenders, and violations that arise from land conflicts, among others. GHRC currently provides support in a number of paradigmatic cases. In many of these cases, even though years have passed since the abuses were perpetrated, justice remains elusive. In some instances, witnesses and family members remain under threat. 

Abuses Related to African Palm Oil Production / REPSA “Ecocide” Case

La Puya Environmental Movement

Land Evictions in Polochic

Massacre at Nacahuil

Massacre at Totonicapán

Santa Cruz Barillas Land Rights Case


Strengthening Guatemala’s judiciary has been an important focus for institutional reforms that began with the signing of the Peace Accords in 1996. Yet there has been little justice for the vast majority of abuses from the internal conflict, during which 200,000 people were killed, including almost 50,000 cases of forced disappearance, and thousands of documented cases of sexual violence. Even today, 98 percent of crimes are committed with impunity.

In 2011, Guatemalan courts made important advances in the investigation of both the material and intellectual authors of torture, forced disappearance, and other crimes against humanity committed during the war. However, these advances have also been met with resistance from those who wish to deny responsibility for past crimes. Political pressure continues to impede many of these cases; furthermore, the Guatemalan Constitutional Court has also repeatedly refused to accept international rulings that, according to the Guatemalan Constitution, are legally binding.

The Case of the Forced Disappearance of Marco Antonio Molina Theissen

The Sepur Zarco Sexual Slavery Case

Genocide Case

Bamaca Case

Dos Erres Massacre Case

Spanish Embassy Case

Plan de Sanchez Massacre

Murder of Fernando García

Myrna Mack Assassination

Rio Negro Massacres

Assassination of Bishop Gerardi



2013 Annual Report

2012 Annual Report


In 2014, GHRC provided analysis to an increasingly diverse audience and facilitated increased advocacy opportunities for our Guatemalan partners.

We continued to provide direct emergency funding, and supported numerous requests for urgent support, providing funds to 97 individuals. We also started a new fund called the Human Rights Defenders Support Fund, which will support the work of human rights defenders who have non-urgent – but very pressing – needs.

We coordinated over 30 advocacy meetings both in the US and Guatemala; provided support in 20 cases of asylum; and held 13 public events.

View our 2014 Annual Report in its entirety here (PDF)