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April  2014

DATES: AUGUST 16-23, 2014 | Download the application

Women have been on the front lines in the struggle for justice in Guatemala. They have, for example, broken through the wall of impunity that has long plagued Guatemala and brought powerful military officials to trial for crimes committed during the internal armed conflict. Along with great advances, however, there have troubling setbacks. The justice system has increasingly been manipulated to criminalize and punish human rights defenders, and the nation’s lauded female Attorney General, Claudia Paz y Paz, is being removed from office seven months early.

Our delegation will provide a unique opportunity to meet with women involved in the struggle for justice, from judges and lawyers to genocide survivors, representatives of governmental institutions, activists and civil society leaders. We will examine the achievements and setbacks in the Guatemalan judicial system, as well as the current threats to the rule of law, and how women defenders are responding.

This delegation is open to the general public. Anyone is welcome to apply, and limited scholarships are available. In the past, students, professors, religious leaders, lawyers, congressional staffers, and activists have participated. Apply by June 1, 2014 by filling out the application available here and sending it to