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GHRC responds to threats and attacks against defenders, providing direct support, advocacy and solidarity.

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GHRC currently monitors and provides analysis of five thematic areas that have affected human rights: militarization...

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GHRC publishes timely news and analysis through our newsletter, El Quetzal, fact sheets, and other in-depth reports.

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Upcoming Events

April  2014

From March 31-April 11, GHRC will accompany Makrina Gudiel on a tour along the East Coast of the US.

Many Guatemalans lost loved ones during the internal armed conflict. For Makrina, it was her brother, who was disappeared in 1983 by state forces and is included in the infamous Military Diary — a logbook that documented the kidnap, torture, and murder of 183 people considered to be linked to anti-government activity. Makrina’s family brought her brother’s case to the Inter-American Commission in 2004, and just days later, her father was murdered. The government never carried out an adequate investigation into the crime, and on February 5, 2014, Makrina testified before the Inter-American Court about the case.

Makrina will explain why her family has fought for justice for these crimes, despite ongoing death threats against them. She will also discuss international solidarity with Guatemala over the last 30 years, including the sanctuary movement of the 1980s and the decades-long struggle to end US military support for repressive regimes in Guatemala.

Read more about the tour and see a schedule of events here.