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LGBT Rights

Although there are no specific laws regarding sexual preferences in Guatemala, the rights of individuals in the LGBT community are by no means protected. Facing violent prejudice from the rest of the population, the LGBT community lacks support from the police and government. In 2005, at least 13 transgender or gay men were murdered in Guatemala, and lesbians are often subjugated to violent rapes or forced marriages by their families. Furthermore, human rights defenders working to protect them are also often the target of intimidation or attacks.

Transgender people face deadly attacks

Letter to the President

In Guatemala, Bashing is Just the Beginning

Impunity for attacks targeting people for being gay, lesbian, transgender or transsexual ,..\..\GHRC Info Folders\Social Cleansing\Feb. 2007 UN Report on Extrajudicial Killings.pdf, page 14, UN Report on Exjudicial Killings

Dykes Dig in Their Heels

Lisbirades Say Enough! (Interview with an activist fighting for lesbian rights in Guatemala)













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