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Asylum Support

The Asylum Support Program provides information vital to political asylum cases including written affidavits and expert witness testimony. GHRC works with a national network of lawyers, legal clinics, law students and non-profit organizations to help open the door for persons seeking refuge from physical harm and danger in Guatemala.

Immigration and Trade

There are an estimated 1.5 million Guatemalans in the United States, many who came out of necessity, risking their lives to seek employment opportunities and send support home to their families. GHRC focuses on the root causes of migration, and the tremendous impact of migration on the economy, family, culture and community of the Guatemalan people. Furthermore, GHRC advocates for a just and humane immigration reform in the U.S.

For Women's Right to Live

GHRC works to end the brutal violence against women that has claimed the lives of over 5,000 young women since 2000, making Guatemala one of the most dangerous places in the western hemisphere to be a women. Women victims in Guatemala confront entrenched gender bias and rampant impunity. As rates of domestic violence and femicide increase, GHRC continues to educate the international community and advocate for increased support for Guatemalan women.

Human Rights Defenders

In the face of the deteriorating rule of law and pervading impunity for past and present crimes, human rights defenders (HRDs) have suffered. Since 2000, there have been over 2000 aggressive attacks against human rights activists. The targets of this violence include indigenous leaders, community organizers, environmentalists, justice officials, journalists, union representatives, women’s rights advocates, and faith leaders. The Guatemalan government has shown neither the will nor the ability to effectively address the issue. GHRC monitors ongoing aggressions against HRDs and works with Guatemalan partners to increase security for defenders, advocate on their behalf in the national and international arenas, and educate the public about the importance of their work.

Voiceless Speak Fund

Since 1987 GHRC/USA has encouraged Guatemalans in the US speak truth to power through the Voiceless Speak program.  GHRC provides direct assistance to Guatemalans in the U.S. who have suffered human rights abuses in Guatemala, are in financial need, and are engaged in Guatemala human rights work.


















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