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The Women’s Sector

The Women’s Sector is a network that promotes political alliance founded on feminist and leftist ideology among different organizations. The network is composed of women’s organizations, as well as other civil society organizations promoting women’s rights, whose principles, values and other political actions explicitly integrate the elimination of discrimination, oppression, subordination and subjugation of women and the general population into their work.

The Women’s Sector formed in 1994 during the process of drafting the Peace Accords, primarily as a space where women’s organizations from the department of Guatemala could voice their needs and concerns. By 1996, it had gained recognition as a National Network made up of many types of organizations—social, co-ed, exclusively women’s organizations, as well as individual women—from rural and urban areas and diverse ethnic backgrounds.

The Women's Sector focuses on:

  • Ethnic and gender discrimination
  • Discrimination for sexual orientation
  • Violence and impunity
  • Lack of access to justice
  • Exploitation, marginalization and exclusion
  • Social injustice

"United in this effort, we are: All women; Mayan, Xinca, Garífuna, Mestiza, rural and urban, poor and middle-class, young and adult, lesbian and heterosexual."


  • Creation of women’s political consciousness
  • Organization of women and feminist movement as a social force
  • Dialogue with other social and political actors
  • Mobilization, public action and policy proposals


  • Organization and Leadership Training
  • Women’s Economic Development
  • End Violence Against Women: Struggle Against Impunity and Access to Justice

Guatemala City

Integral Health Association—ASI

Artisan House Collective

Investigation and Popular Education Center—CIEP

Christian Women’s Council—CMC

Lesbian Collective—Todas Somos

Independent Life Collective of Guatemala

Society for Youth Development, Civil Society (SODEJU, S.C.)

Guillermo Torriello Foundation—FGT

Guatemalan Women’s Group—GGM

Sanjuaneras Women’s Association—AGIMS

Organization for the Advancement of Women—OMES

Women’s Rights Program at the Center for Legal and Human Rights Action—CALDH

Guatemala Network for Women’s Action—REDEMPA

Ministry for Women, Labor Unions and Workers of Guatemala—UNSITRAGUA

Collective Voices of Women

‘Feminist Women of the Left Collective

Association of United Employed and Unemployed Women Against Violence—AMUCV


San Marcos

Flor de Retama Women’s Association for Development—ASOMDIFRE

Association for Intercultural Movement of Western Youth—ASOMIJO



Association of Indigenous Women of Santa María Xalapán—AMISMAXAJ



Association for Huehuetecas' Women’s Development—ADIMH

Mam Women’s Association for Development—ASOMAMD



Women’s Association for Sacatepéquez Development—AFEDES

Autonomous and United Xenacorena Women’s Sector—SMAUX

Ecumenical Formation Services of Central America—SEFCA



Ixkoq’a Tz’olojya’Association



Palineca Jawalt Tinimit Association



Association for the Development of Unimal Reranimá Ixoq’—ADIURI



Rural Colomba Women’s Association—AMARC

National Association of Traditional Comadronas of Guatemala—ACAM



Women’s Ecumenical Network for the Conference of Evangelical Churches of Guatemala—REM


Alta Verapaz and Baja Verapaz

Semilla Women’s Association for the Future—ASOMUSEF



Departamento de Guatemala. 5a. Calle 3-20 Zona 1

Telephone: 22514840 – 22381658




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