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Violence Against Women

September 28, 2011: Congress approved resolution 4-2011 which will urge State institutions to act with the greatest speed and due diligence in cases of femicide. Norma Cruz, founder of Fundacion Sobrevivientes, added that ‘for the first time, Congress has demonstrated a human face in condemning the death of so many women.’


July 27, 2011: Spain will hear femicide cases from the internal conflict. The judge from the Spanish National Court agreed to increase the scope of the investigation of a case put forth by the association "Women's Link Worldwide" for crimes against humanity, mass rape, and sexual slavery committed against Mayan women in Guatemala between 1979 and 1986. [Siglo XXI]


PBS NewsHour Series on Guatemala:
Guatemalan Women Struggle to Combat Violence (March 8, 2011)
In Guatemala, Religion and Tradition Conflict with Family Planning (March 9, 2011)


March 8, 2011: International Women's Day: Celebration and Struggle in Guatemala. Today people around the world are celebrating the 100th anniversary of International Women's Day, a time to recognize the economic, social, and political achievements of women.
In Guatemala, despite continuing high levels of violence, there is still a lot to celebrate. From rural villages to government offices, Guatemalan women continue to lead their communities in organizing efforts, health initiatives, and sustainable local development projects. Read more.

Listen to an interview on violence against women in Guatemala with GHRC Acting Director Kelsey Alford-Jones on 95bFM New Zealand


January 22, 2011: (Opinion) There have been 34 women killed in Guatemala so far in 2011. At least half of those were minors and the majority of cases showed signs of torture. Women’s organizations have spoken out in protest, demanding “not one more death.” But the government seems not to take notice. There are those who say it is social cleansing, that the victim was probably involved in something. Even Government officials themselves express in statements to the press that "surely they were prostitutes, or the lovers of gang members." This still is definitely not a reason or excuse for this to happen, or the lack of investigation, since if a crime is committed there should be arrests made and trials in accordance with the law. [Edith González, La Hora]


January 21, 2011: Body of Mindy Rodas Found. The story of Mindy Rodas, 23, has become on of the most horrific examples of violence against women and impunity in Guatemala. After surviving an almost fatal attack at the hands of her partner, who cut off parts of her face with a machete, Mindy decided to press charges against her attacker. She also had the opportunity to receive plastic surgery in Mexico City. But what could have been a story of survival took a tragic turn. Depression brought Mindy back to Guatemala, where she tried to commit suicide multiple times. On Dec. 18, 2010, her body was found in Guatemala City. She had been tortured and strangled to death. The Survivor's Foundation has undertaken an investigation of the case. Read full article.


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