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Artisan Collective

The Artisan Collective is an organization promoting institutional action to contribute to women’s organization and the women’s movement in Guatemala. The Artisan Collective pressures the State to create and apply public policy in order to prevent crimes against women, support the rights of detained women, and to stop social discrimination. The Artisan Collective works to contribute to the recognition, respect and exercise of women’s rights through art, sports and other forms of creativity. The Artisan Collective is formed by feminist women, defenders of human rights, artists, art merchants, athletes and professionals.

Organizational areas of concentration:

  • Women’s Human Rights
  • Status of the rights of detained women
  • Violence against women
  • Status of children in vulnerable states (children of detained women)
  • Themes relating to the sociopolitical situation of the country


Artisan House:

  • For the self-sustainment of the work by the Political Collective: café, accommodation and food services for. Center for Women’s Culture and support of Economic Solidarity—Sale of Artwork.

SANARTE Center: Prevention of Crime and Protection of Rights of Detained Women

  • Legal accompaniment to women deprived of their liberty and families
  • Psycho-social support for women deprived of their liberty and families
  • Investigation, monitoring and systemization
  • Accompaniment to women after release
  • Coordination and lobbying with State institutions

REVELARTE Network: Coordination of Artistic Movement

  • Political education and training of artistic groups, especially those composed of young women
  • Production and promotion of artwork
  • Participation in public protest activities
  • Discussion and organizational coordination

RECREARTE: Physical Activity, Sports and Recreation

  • Training of young women as physical activity, recreation and sport instructors
  • Sports championship between component groups of Women’s Sector
  • Physical activity, recreation and sports with detained women

Participation in Political and Strategic Alliances:

  • Women’s Sector
  • March 8 th Coordinating Committee
  • November 25 th Coordinating Committee
  • Extended Convergence of Human Rights (Convergencia de Derechos Humanos Ampliada)
  • Global Women’s March (International )


Founding members:

Sandra Morán Reyes, Andrea Barrios Paiz, Gabriela Rivera Martínez, Reyna Mejía Hernández, Tonibelle Ché Quezada, Ana Luz Castillo Barrios, Camilla Camerlengo, Lilian Bravo, Teresa Mendoza, Lily Muñoz, Alejandra Flores, Regina Dávila, Patricia Cabrera.


Andrea Barrios Paiz

Telephone: 5415-5995

2da Calle 5-28 zona 1, Guatemala City, Guatemala


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