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Heidi Rodriguez, Justice for My Sister Collective

Heidi Rodriguez, is a member of the Justice for My Sister Collective. In the coming year, she will be coordinating over 30 community screenings of the film Justice for My Sister, and providing violence prevention workshops for undocumented Guatemalan immigrants in Los Angeles, New York, Washington, DC, and Denver. The Collective will also launch a text messaging service to provide victims with information about services available and advice to combat violence. Learn more at

Juana Marcos, Maya Pixan Ixim

Juana Marcos serves as Volunteer Executive Director for Maya Pixan Ixim: Reinforcing our Roots, Living our Maya Heritage. She has worked with various communities since fleeing persecution in Guatemala in 1993. This year, Juana will hold a series of public speaking events entitled, “The Voiceless Speak: History of Human Rights Violations in Guatemala.”  Once a month, Juana will teach the Association of Maya Students about the history of human rights violations in Guatemala then facilitate presentations that the members of the Association of Mayan Students will hold for their peers. In addition, in August of 2013, Juana will hold an event commemorating the International Day of the Disappeared. Learn more at

Jhonathan Goméz, DESGUA

Jhonathan Gomez will use the Voiceless Speak Fund to help develop and implement a bi-national new media, social media, and communications program in collaboration with Desarollo Sostenible para Guatemala (DESGUA). The program will create an online communications network that will serve as a source of information about human rights work related to migration, culture, identity and socio-political issues that affect the Guatemalan community in the US and Guatemala. Members will be able to contribute relevant content to the website. Jhonathan will also will host educational delegations in Guatemala with DESGUA to highlight the importance of building relationships of solidarity to promote and defend human rights. Learn more at

Juana Garcia, Community Worker’s Center

Juana Garcia serves on the governing board of the Worker’s Community Center (Centro Comunitario de Trabajadores) in New Bedford, MA. She plans to hold presentations and workshops for undocumented Guatemalans on a variety of issues such as career guidance, labor law, community organization/leadership, health, and safety. In addition, she will educate Guatemalan women in the US about discrimination and their rights as immigrants.

Marvyn Pérez,  Survivor

Marvyn Pérez fled to the United States with his family following his abduction and torture in Guatemala in the 1980s. In the coming year, Marvyn will give interviews through the internet, television, and radio and present at universities, churches, and to community groups. In his presentations, Marvyn will educate audiences about human rights violations, social movements, and denounce the participation of the Guatemalan government in repression. He also hopes to find new alliances and support for Guatemala.

Adriana Portillo-Bartow, Where are the Children/ADEN

Adriana Portillo Bartow will continue her work to educate the public about the human rights situation in Guatemala. This coming year, that will include presentations and maintenance of the Donde Están los Niños y las Niñas/Where are the Children (ADEN/WATCH) social media pages. ADEN is run by relatives of disappeared children, and investigates and locates children who were disappeared during the war in order to reunite them with their biological families. Adriana’s presentations to students, women, and members of Congress will emphasize the remilitarization of Guatemala as well as recent human rights violations by linking them to those of the past.

Dominga Sic, Survivor

Dominga Sic is the sole survivor of her family after the 1982 Rio Negro massacres. She plans to continue her work to educate and promote human rights awareness through the documentary, “Discovering Dominga,” and her own personal testimony. This year, she will travel to Guatemala to promote increased awareness and education within the massacre resettlement areas of Pacux, Rabinal and Rio Negro.

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