** GHRC is temporarily suspending the Asylum Support Program, except on cases we are working on directly. However, GHRC is still committed to supporting this important work and will continue doing so by referring interested parties to Debra Rodman. Rodman is a professor at Randolph,-Macon College, who manages a list of Guatemala Scholars Network professors and can provide expert testimony and country conditions for asylum cases. If you are in need of assistance for an asylum case, please reach out and contact Professor Rodman:

 Debra H. Rodman

Director of Women’s Studies

Associate Professor of Anthropology and Women’s Studies

Randolph-Macon College

Ashland, Virginia 23005


The Asylum Support Program provides information vital to asylum cases including written affidavits and expert testimony. GHRC works with a national network of lawyers, legal clinics, law students and non-profit organizations to help open the door for persons seeking refuge from physical harm and danger in Guatemala.

Using 20 years of experience and archives, our Info/Doc Program works diligently on political asylum cases for those persecuted and marginalized in Guatemala. In particular, we assist asylum candidates such as indigenous persons, children, women, unionists, and community leaders, among others.

GHRC also makes referrals to expert witnesses, academics and professionals who have special expertise on Guatemalan issues. Because proper documentation is so critical to a well presented asylum case, the project provides refugees who have suffered persecution the opportunity to avoid forced deportation. For questions, please contact ghrc-usa@ghrc-usa.org.