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Demand justice in the Bámaca Case and War Crimes Cases in Guatemala

Dear Friends:

Looks like we have reached a crisis point in Guatemala. There is a fierce campaign going on to shut down the paradigmatic war crimes cases against the army leadership from the genocide era.

We must continue to support the war crimes cases. In many ways these cases represent Nuremberg. They are crucial to the peace and healing process in Guatemala and they MUST be allowed to move forward if we are serious about ending the impunity in Guatemala. We need to make a very strong showing to prevent the situation from getting worse.

Thank you and abrazos to all of you. Jennifer

February 21, 2011: Jennifer Harbury speaks publicly on the case of her husband, Everardo Bámaca, after the Constitutional Court halts its reopening. [View pdf]

January 26, 2011: Supreme Court orders reopening of Bámaca Case

Updates from Jennifer Harbury

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Bámaca Case:

Historical overview of Jennifer Harbury's work and case against the Guatemalan government
Detailed chronology of key events

List of repressive acts against those involved with the Bámaca Case

See all related documents at

Other War Crimes Cases in Process:

Massacre at Dos Erres, Peten

Río Negro Massacres

Forced Disappearance of Fernando García



















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