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Guatemalan Ex-president Portillo captured

January 27, 2010

Ex-president Portillo was captured in Izabal by the National Civilian Police, CICIG, and the Public Prosecutors office, yesterday. The arrest took place after the United States requested for the capture and extradition of the ex-president. In January 25 th the District Attorney of Southern New York issued a press release explaining the reasons why the United States justice system wants to extradite the ex-president of Guatemala. “Portillo is charged for the embezzlement of dozens of millions of dollars from public funds and a substantial amount were laundered through European and American banks,” stated the communiqué.

The Attorney General of New York enumerates 3 cases part of a larger trial against Portillo in New York’s Federal Court: the first case amounts to $2.5millions from the government of Taiwan for a Library for Peace program, the second for $3.4 millions from the Defense Ministry and was distributed to various bank accounts—at least including that of two accomplices, and in the third case the amount was not disclosed but New York’s Attorney General stipulates it comes from an embezzlement scheme from the National Mortgage Credit Union. On top of having various accomplices who facilitated the laundering process, the ex-president used such funds for personal purchases such as expensive watches and cars for himself and accomplices.

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