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GHRC has sent our recent urgent action letter with hundreds of signatures to the President of Guatemala and the Attorney General. Many thanks to all our supporters who took action!


Death Threats Against Family Of Survivors' Foundation Director
October 30, 2008

On October 19, 2008, a relative of Norma Cruz, the director of the Survivors' Foundation, was walking home in Guatemala City and was stopped by an unknown man driving a pick-up truck. She was told to "get in son of a bitch, get in or you're going to die." Two masked men were in the back of the truck, one of them holding a gun at her. They drove around, repeating "you're going to die." She was released after 20 minutes, one block away from Norma Cruz's home.

Four days later, the victim was called three times. The voice said "are you comfortable, you piece of shit, you're going to die." She received two more calls; both times the caller hung up the instant she answered the phone. Later that day, a truck was parked outside of the Survivors' Foundation. When staff approached the truck, it immediately left the scene.

The Survivors' Foundation is a non-profit social services organization for female victims of violence (domestic violence, sexual violence, and murder). The Foundation provides physical shelter, psychological services, medical attention, legal services, and solidarity for women survivors. The Foundation also helps investigate cases of human trafficking; in some cases, government officials have been implicated. The Foundation believes that these death threats are related to a high profile case they are currently investigating.

The safety of Norma Cruz, and that of her colleagues and relatives, is at risk.

[Information for this Urgent Action has been taken from Amnesty International and the Survivor's Foundation. We appreciate their contributions!]



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