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Ana Moraga, sponsored by the Latin American Student Association at Northeastern University School of Law, will work to educate Guatemalan immigrants in the Boston area on their rights and on potential immigration reform. She will also plan a discussion on femicide, the trafficking of sex workers, and the transgender movement. Ana, who immigrated the United States with her family at age 13, is the co-founder of MuJER (Women for Justice Education and Awareness), an organization that works to open spaces of empowerment for sex workers in Guatemala. In 2012, she was recognized by the White House as a Champion of Change. She is currently in law school at Northeastern University.

Erasmo Morales is sponsored by the Guatemala Peace and Development Network. He will give seminars about human rights to Guatemalan migrants in New York, and he will produce a report on the current status of human rights in Guatemala as well. He strives to educate migrants on their rights and to encourage collaboration between U.S. and Guatemalan organizations on these issues. Erasmo founded the Association of Guatemalans in the United States (AGMAUSA), which promotes education and human rights for migrants.

Leobardo Ambrocio Ajtzalam is sponsored by the New Sanctuary Movement in New York, an interfaith network that supports immigration reform. Leobardo became involved in radio in his native Sololá, and has been using it as a means to educate the public and speak out against human rights violation. He recently immigrated to the United States and is working to educate migrants on the human rights violations happening in his home country. With the grant, Leobardo will design a radio program that will educate Guatemalan migrants in the U.S. about human rights violations in their country of origin, and will engage those in Guatemala about their rights as well.

Luis Marcos, sponsored by Comunidad Maya Pixan Ixim in Omaha, Nebraska, will work to create an internet radio station and to organize the Second International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples in Omaha. Luis, who is the husband of last year’s grant recipient Juana Marcos, fled Guatemala at the age of 17 to escape the war and came to the United States. Now, as a board member of Pixan Ixim, Luis works to raise awareness about issues affecting indigenous communities in Guatemala and to help survivors of war overcome the trauma they experienced.

Marta Sicajan, sponsored by Miracles in Action in Florida, will give presentations and radio interviews about human rights abuses against Guatemalan women. Marta was born in Huehuetenango and was forced to flee military repression during the conflict. In Florida, she participates with the Guatemalan Rural Adult and Children’s Education (GRACE) project, which works to educate Guatemalan women and girls about their rights and works to combat human trafficking and other human rights violations. Her personal story was the basis for “Lucia’s Letter,” a WGCU FM radio project that details the challenges of migration for a young girl and her family back home.